Lamp Housing Mould

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  • Description Size Weight Client
    Lamp Housing 1652×1096×1370mm 14.5T Italy
  • Location:China
    Brand:OEM & ODM Available
    Business Type:Manufacturer, Exporter
    Terms of payment and delivery:Consultation
    Minimum order quantity:100 sets
    Packing details:Bag package or box package
    Delivery time:25days
    Payment method:Consultation
    Annual production capacity :500 units medium-sized injection moulds
Ningbo Yuefei Mould Co. Ltd was established in 1987. our company is also familiar with mould manufacturing standards in European, Japan, and the USA, Australia countries, etc. Main equipment includes vertical, horizontal or gantry CNC machining centers, such as SACHMAN RC270 five-axis linkage high-speed milling machine, DMG DMU 65 monoBlock 5axis High Speed CNC, and DMG DMC-64V high-speed machining centers, WIM 5-axis Deep Hole Drilling CNC, multifunctional deep-hole drilling machine, slow walk thread cutting machine, large vertical and horizontal clamping machines, large double-end high-precision CNC EDM, and 7 different size injection moulding machines (120T-2100T).With long term technology accumulation, we have got the technology of two-shot mould, low pressure injection, gas aided injection, Steam heating technology (rapid heating and cooling), 3D printed conformal cooling insert and RPT (Rapid Prototyping Technology). We will maintain long-term cooperation and work together to achieve the goal of win-win cooperation!

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